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Track of the Day: Deas – Black Core

This week I went on a music binge and found myself scouring the web for songs at 3 in the morning. As it usually does, that late-night music-hole brought me to some weird corners of techno, but I also found some artists I’m really excited about. Off Recordings, led by Andre Crom, and Second State, headed by Pan-Pot are two labels that consistently push out dark and heavy techno. Off features artists such as Charlotte de Witte, Jay Lumen, and Oliver Koletzki, while Second State has releases from Stephan Hinz, ANNA, and Amelie Lens to name a few. One thing that both of these labels have in common is techno-artist Deas. Born in Poland, Deas is well-known in Europe for his incredible sets, and as of late he’s applying his incredible talents to production. Today’s track Black Core comes from Deas’ latest release Velocity.

This is the first time we’ve featured Deas’ music here at LAMP, and what a way to get started. Black Core wastes no time jumping right into it. The listener is met with a clean, deep, and full-sounding low end. A side-chain compressor from the kick gives the bass-line a groove to it that immediately makes your head bob. I love tracks that get the listener moving early and Black Core definitely falls into that category. One quality about the track that I really enjoy is the mindfulness Deas used in the arrangement; the song is not flooded with 500 different sounds that confuse and distract the listener, but instead features carefully selected and perfected sounds. The overall mix of different elements come together nicely. The drums are clean and tight, with just enough groove and swing to give them some life while also staying true to techno’s consistency and reliability. One of my favorite aspects of the track is the dreamy and ethereal beep that Deas sprinkles in here-and-there. It gives the scary track a bit of a spooky alien-vibe. The breakdown does more than enough to keep the one engaged, and makes the listener crave the drop. All-in-all I enjoyed finding this track and am looking forward to more music from Deas.

Be sure to check out the rest of the EP in the link below, and keep your eye out for Deas’ future releases. If you continue scrolling to the bottom, you’ll find an extra treat from Deas, his other EP Mentality.

Lastly I want to share my favorite release from Deas, Mentality. My favorite song from the release is the title track, followed closely by Monotheism.

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