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Track of the Day: Darko Milosevic – Awakening Time

I, like many of you, am a creature of habit. When I find something I really like, it’s hard to get me to switch to something else. This attribute is the same for music. There are certain labels that are close to my heart. Steyoyoke and its sub-label Steyoyoke black are both labels I follow very closely, and for good reason. Releases on either label are often dynamic, melancholic, and extremely well produced. Each release has a distinct sound, but is also closely related to Steyoyoke’s other releases.

Darko Milosevic, who also is often featured on Parquet, is the producer of Steyoyoke Black’s latest release Awakening Time. The first two tracks Lament and The Tears Of Heathcliff ease the listener into the EP. I had a hard time choosing which track from the release to write about because they’re all incredible, but eventually settled on the title-track and final song of the release Awakening Time.

Awakening Time is less melodic, and more intense than the other two songs on the release. While the other songs feature strings and other traditional orchestral instruments, Awakening Time is hinged on synths and heavy bass. The song builds slowly and Darko Milosevic adds elements one-by-one. A thick, driving kick gets the song going while synths are eased into the mix. The LFO on the synth gives the beat some pump and keeps the song rolling. As the filter begins to open the listener gets a hint of acid from the synth.

Finally, near the halfway point in the song, the listener finally is rewarded for their patience. The breakdown features a beautiful harmony between several harmonic elements. The resulting sound is sophisticated and melancholic, a true tell of any Steyoyoke Black track. The drop draws listeners in and anyone not moving their body at this point is definitely a robot or an alien.

I really enjoyed this entire release and will definitely keep my eye out for any other Darko Milosevic music in the future. The rest of the EP can be found below.

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