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Track of the Day: Binaryh – One Digit

Track of the Day: Binaryh – One Digit

I got pretty excited the other day when I saw that my favorite Brazilian Techno duo Binaryh had a new release out with Steyoyoke Black. This has become my go to label over the last few years when I am looking for music with fantastic melodies driven by powerful techno grooves. Binaryh have been instrumental to this sub-label of Steyoyoke which generally caters to a darker side of the techno. It has become their home for all of their releases over the last year and a half or so. I am continually impressed by the work of these two brilliant musicians. Their latest EP “Positive Negative” has two new originals along with extended cuts of each that really take the tracks from the club to the concert hall. Our track of the day is “One Digit”. Powerful from the first note the groove instantly gets you moving along with a subtle bouncing bass line that will eventually morph its way into the lead arp synth. That in addition to the massive kick which rarely drops create’s a fast paced almost frantic feel to the song. There is really only one long pause where you get a bit of a breather otherwise this song is smashing you in the face (in oh such a good way) from start to finish. I really like the staccato feel to the notes of the lead synth, the variation of them, and how they move so effortlessly throughout the arrangement. It has what I call a running man techno vibe. It gives me the sensation of running whether Im being chased or chasing or just running for the sake of running. It is tough to explain the sensation but it is a good one for sure. Once again these two have knocked it out of the park. One of the things I really love about this duo is how open they are about their production process. We have been fortunate enough to get know them a little as we have had them as a guest for our LAMP Weekly Mix series where they opened up about their music making process. In addition they are continuously posting live and set-up videos from their studio in Sao Palo. I’ll add some links and videos for you to find more from Binary down below. Enjoy.

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