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Track of the Day: Alex Dimou – Define

Track of the Day: Alex Dimou – Define

Today I would like to talk a bit about a producer who’s name pops onto my radar every once in a while, Alex Dimou. Hailing from Greece the near 30 year old for the last few years has consistently been putting out incredible music across multiple labels. Many of which I consider to be the best in the business. For example Get Physical, Audiomatique, Kindisch, Parquet, Klik and many others. Today we are going to talk about “Define” one of three new originals on his latest EP “Tot” for Rebellion a sub-label to Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels. With “Define”, Dimou takes us on a deep progressive journey oozing with soul. “Define” is characterized by dark vocal track and deep tribal groove made up of a booming kick accompanied by two subtle bass lines one that sounds a bit like a didgeridoo and the other a bit more bubbly. A sort of drunk trumpet oscillates and flows nicely in and out of the groove along with some elevated pads to add a little bit of brightness to this dark and funky track. In addition to “Define” this EP contains one more from Dimou the title track “Tot’ along with a another track he did as a collaboration with Lazarusman. Both are posted below. Enjoy.

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