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Track of the Day: Elfenberg – Bazaar

Sitting at a cool 102 BPM, today’s Track of the Day is downtempo burner “Bazaar” from Stockholm-based duo Elfenberg. The track ties together wavering drones, soaring flutes, soulful vocals, and an assortment of hand drums with a punchy 808 kick to create an energetic yet reverent vibe. The groove on this track sits just so – in particular bolstered by the expertly dialed sidechain on the kick, in conjunction with the swing of the tuned hand-drums.

“Bazaar” dropped as the third of four tracks on Elfenberg’s April 16th release “Lotus,” via Berlin world-flavored label Metanoia. Founded in 2015 by producer coss, Metanoia focuses on rhythms from India, Turkey, Latin America, and Asia, and features an impressive roster of associated artists. With roots in the depths between music and spirituality, the collective aims to transcend the standard artist-label-listener relationships through their sound in clubs and festivals around the world.

Another standout track on Lotus enlists remix duties from established dance practitioner Mirco Niemeier, best known for his 2012 release “Night Call.” On this release, Mirco’s interpretation of Lotus’ title track brings the energy up to 116 BPM, while tastefully retaining Elfenberg’s signature atmospheric vibe and dense reverb.

You can keep up with Elfenberg and Metanoia on SoundCloud – we here at LAMP look forward to future releases!

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