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Track of the Day: ‘Get On Up’ (Feat. Kianah) by Soft Touch


‘Get On Up’ (Feat. Kianah) – Soft Touch

‘Get On Up’ by Soft Touch provides slow tempo house beats infused with funky grooves that takes us on a smooth ride down memory lane. The cliché scenario of “old meets new” is a difficult line walk, but Soft Touch do a fantastic job of blending styles while still paying proper homage to the funk genre. A cacophony of guitar riffs, shakers, claps and tightly woven percussion stabs create a wonderful composition. Kianah’s vocals are delicately placed on top of the cloudscape of airy grooves, our only wish is that we could hear more of her recorded verses in some extended vocal edit. Attention to detail is key here, as each synth, drum and clap were carefully chosen and crafted to replicate the traditional sounds of funk and disco era.

Soft Touch is a collaboration project between Chrome Canyon and Saarid (aka Mark Palgy) that explores the realm of funk house. In a brief write-up on Thump, Chrome Canyon explains his affinity for funk came at an early age. While in middle school a friend gave him ‘Pure Funk’, and it seems that the sounds really hit home. As he jokingly states in the article about first listening to that album, “It was a classic white boy cathartic moment.” As he continues on in the article this project seems to be a refuge or rather a pleasantly isolated realm in which the production duo can explore alternative sounds to their more well known releases. We will certainly be keeping a very close eye on Soft Touch in 2015.

If ‘Get On Up’ satisfied your desire to dance then feel free to keep that funkadelic sensibility going with some more choice tunes from Soft Touch below:


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