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Track of the Day: Yeuz – Anchor

Sincopat is back again with another EP for the Been Touched series. I am forever on the search for new music and new producers to keep my appetite for music of all genres. This series is a great place for filling part of that hunger. Most specifically my very healthy appetite for all things techno. I have spent some time in the past talking about many of the releases in this series and figure you can probably expect to hear more from me on these releases in the future. The artists that have released here have generally gone on to, or already were making waves in the emerging underground techno scene. Yeuz is no exception. The new duo from Paris is breaking out with debut releases for Sapiens, Way of House and Sincopat, creating quite the catalog to start off what is set to be a promising future.

The EP consists of two tracks All The Same & Anchor which is our Track of the Day. Like a nice barrel of whiskey this track is good from the start but gets much better the longer you let it age. A thick sub bass sits underneath the groove highlighting a pounding kick to get things going. A series of little synth percs dive in and out of the mix to add to the dynamic and keep things moving. A little further in a fun bell ring is introduced to the track that reminds me of someone opening one of those old main street shop doors but non stop. It highlights the middle section of the track and helps to create a bit of tension before the duo absolutely smash us in the face with a gritty sawtooth bass line synth that hits with exceptional power. I am afraid to hear this track on a large system for fear of being literally blown away. Keep an eye on this group there is certainly more to come from these two and I for one am looking forward to hearing it. In the mean time here is the other track from the EP. Enjoy.

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