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Track of the Day: Whitesquare – Sound

As I head into the weekend I’m preparing a few different tracklists for some mixes I’m cooking up. The first is forthcoming on a local homie’s crew called Techno Brunch, and it’s going be straight fucking Techno. I wanted to start off right and get the mix in the proper mood so I couldn’t resist picking one of my favorite Italian producers, Whitesquare to lead the way. This latest track, ‘Sound’ comes off a 2 track EP and remix via Leeds house and techno label 20/20 Vision and does not disappoint.

‘Sound’ is a really great straightforward techno track with a big punchy four to the floor kick and snappy percussion arrangement. A looping vocal echoing “sound” greats us early on in the composition and permeates through the first few minutes. A slowly building staccato saw wave synth makes its way into the fold along with a subtle white noise pad.

The aforementioned vocal loop begins to see a phasing FX applied to it that gradually increases in color and intensity before everything but the kick drops out and a delightful sharp riser cuts into the auditory space. It has this great sub bass tail to it that leads nicely into the return of the percussion arrangement.The full breakdown repeats some of the earlier FX to the vocal but with much more fluctuation and a great whirling FX is applied to that sharp synth pad I pointed out before.

All in all a solid tune to open up a techno set with, not too intense but just the right amount of drive and darkness to it to set the mood just right.

Check out the full EP here including a meaty remix by Ralph Lawson & Rui – Z

He also recently released a super deep, trippy EP on how own label Lyase last month which includes a remix by Droog

The Rome based producer who as we mentioned above is the co-owner of Lyase Recorings has been making the rounds since about 2011 with a variety of releases from the house and techno spectrums on the labels such as Defected (DFTD), OFF, Sonora, 2020 Vision, Culprit, Bedrock, Skint and many more. His ability to crossover and have a wide range of appeal demonstrates his incredible musical acumen and production skills. Notably he has a wonderful ear for crafting some unique bass leads that have become a bit of his signature. Thoroughly enjoying what he’s been putting of late!


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