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Track of the Day: Weiss – Feel My Needs (Purple Disco Machine Remix)

Today’s Track of the day comes to us from prolific producer Purple Disco Machine. Whether you were out on the Playa in BRC, lounging poolside, or sweating it out in an LA nightclub, chances are you heard one of this German-born artist’s tracks at some point this weekend. PDM has been a long standing staple in the world of house and disco but as of late he seems to have shifted into a different gear delivering one next-level track after the other. The latest of which and possibly his biggest hit, arrived in mid-August on the iconic Toolroom imprint.

The track is Purple Disco Machine’s remix of “Feel My Needs” by Weiss. It combines PDM’s characteristically groovy drum programming with some funky guitars and strings, then is accompanied by some classic house piano and the instantly iconic hook engraining the tracks title into the minds and hearts of listeners. Sonically, it’s a rare track that is light and playful enough to play poolside midday, but also has the energy and fortitude on the low end to bump late night in the club or on a laser shooting art car out on the Playa. For more from Purple Disco Machine, follow him Soundcloud below and catch him next week when he hits the patio at Academy LA for Day Trip.

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