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Track of the Day: Wehbba – Mind Awake

We are going all in with the techno vibes this week. I came across this new release from Wehbba for Drumcode the other day. 4 new tracks on the EP titled ‘Catarse’, his second album for Drumcode following ‘Eclipse’ another 4 track release. It has been wonderful watching this producers career grow. I have a catalog of his music going back to at least the summer 2009 when I first heard the name while I was living out in Ibiza. He wasn’t the name in music he is today but he was consistently mentioned among the locals and island hoppers as someone to go see. From that moment I have kept an eye on and been amazed at the trajectory of his career. The Brazilian has taken his talents across the globe and most recently it would be fair to say he has found family with the Drumcode crew with his two recent albums and upcoming residency at their weekly in Barcelona.

I am sure I don’t have every release from Wehbba, but his is one of those names, when his music crosses my path I don’t hesitate to grab it. His output on labels large and small across the globe is quite impressive. I am happy that I caught this one right away because this release from start to finish is some highly innovative and engaging music. Our track of the day ‘Mind Awake’ is set to pick you up off you ass and get you moving in about no seconds flat. With its groove chugging away like a crazy locomotive barreling down the tracks at top speed, a host of wonky synths wail away as if to say get your ass up and get moving or get out of my way cause I’m coming through. The vocal track perfectly intertwines with the groove, keeping me engaged as Wehbba takes us into overdrive with the drums from about the two minute point until the end. I listened to this song probably about 10 times while writing this and even know on the whatever time it is, I still get the same “uff” reactions that I did the first time I listened to it. Check out the rest of this amazing EP and get to know Wehbba if this is the first you have come across his music.

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