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Track of the Day: Wantigga – Meditation

Today’s Track of the day comes to you from one of my favorite countries and one of favorite producer’s at the moment. The track is “Meditation” by Wantigga, a prolifically talented producer and multi-instrumentalist from the Netherlands. Funky, futuristic, and uplifting all at the same time, “Meditation” slams through the speakers and has been a must play in all of my recent DJ sets. The track pairs euphorically melodic synths and vocal samples with Wantigga’s masterfully syncopated drums and percussion alongside a devastating bass line. The final result is a record that kicks genre to the curb entirely and leaves our ears begging for more.

“Meditation” is the latest release in a streak of celebrated remixes and originals for the rising Dutch producer. It also serves as the first single from an upcoming EP from Wantigga titled “Suddenly Everything” to be released on March 30th on the lauded French label Roche Musique. Based on our impressions from this first single, whatever Wantigga and Roche have in store for us on the 30th is surely going to be something special. While the anticipation may be killing us, we’ll just have to try to sit back and relax with a bit of “Meditation.” The full version of the track is available for streaming or purchase here.

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