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Track of the Day: Vonda7 – Cuckoo Night (Berlin Version)

Track of the Day: Vonda7 – Cuckoo Date (Berlin Version)

Gotta show some more love to one of my favorite Techno producers out there Vonda7. We featured the title track from her EP earlier this year “Decompression” that went out on Last Night on Earth Records. Recently Vonda7 put out another EP for Kneaded Pains a label that was put together by Dense & Pika a few years back. One track “Cuckoo Night” presented as separate versions makes up the EP. The two versions are geared towards two highly influential Techno locals. One being the birthplace of Techno, Detroit and arguably the new home for all things techno Berlin. Our track of the day will focus on Vonda7’s current location Berlin. She clobbers us right off the bat with thunderous kick and booming bass line. You have to listen to the two versions very closely to tell them apart. The Berlin version has a bit more of a minimal darker feel in the middle section of the track. A droning pad creates much of the atmosphere in the Berlin version that is replaced by an airy lead synth that is a bit brighter and more melodic in the Detroit version. I personally enjoy that darker more minimal feel of the Berlin version. It is a driving beast of a track that I cant help jump on and ride over and over again. Check out the Detroit version below and decide for yourself which one is your favorite.

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