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Track of the Day: Turinno – Ad Astra [Bunny Tiger]

Sharam Jey And Bunny Tiger have been a staple of my collections over the years, and more recently I’ve gravitated to some of the imprints releases off of their sub-label Bunny Tiger Dubs. Turinno’s ‘Ad Astra’ showed up in my feed this week and it was really hard to pass up on reviewing this track.

There’s a lot of character to this song, including some really welcoming surprises as it progresses. At the outset the track unveils a deep almost mellow disposition. Subtle looping synths bubble softly underneath a light array of hats as a droning sub bass line vibrates in its own auditory space. It almost seems as if the layers of the arrangement at this stage are slowly navigating their way towards one another. Then with a nice quick roll and some FX pads the track quickly unifies those elements and reveals a gorgeous meaty kick drum, but only a brief moment as the introduction to the song has much more to reveal.

Slowly heavily FX’d vocals surround you from all directions, as a soft riser builds amongst the percussive layers eventually culminating in a superb drop. Stripped off all the previous components apart from the aforementioned kick that was revealed earlier, we are left with a driving bass line, thumping kick and popping piano stabs that send this track off on a energetic ride through pushes and pulls of multi layer mini-constructs that all seem to work in a cleverly arranged organized chaos of sounds. THE REAL treat does a number on your head, at around the 2:37 mark a fierce, raw saw wave horn roars forth. It feels like the call of a giant, alien, robotic T-Rex, and completely twists the track on itself.

The name ‘Ad Astra’ comes from the latin ‘to the stars’ and I can certainly see how that correlates with this track. If you were ever trying to work your way into a crowd’s mind and really surprise the shit out of them. Queue this track up, and let it play out. It’s totally worth it and your audience will greatly appreciate the journey you’ve just taken them on.

Torinno aka Felipe Wrechiski aka Wrechiski has many layers to his story. As a trained audio engineer Felipe has worked on sound design for film and tv productions which have utilized his work on platforms such as HBO, ESPN, and Redbull.

As a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Felipe has worn many hats and created several monikers in order to channel a wide range of music including his Drum & Bass project Urbandawn. Under Wrechiski labels like Anjuna, Armada and Monster Tunes have gravitated towards his unique Big Room and EDM style productions.

The last and certainly not the least albeit the newest of his projects, Turinno has instantly caught the ear of Sharam Jey and the folks at Bunny Tiger which set the stage for a very exciting and hopefully fruitful 2017 for the Brazilian beat maker. Below is only other release on with the moniker and certainly very distinct from what I’m hearing from today’s track.


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