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Track of the Day: Tony Casanova – Shomoe

Track of the Day: Tony Casanova – Shomoe

Earlier this week Tony Casanova released ‘Dreaming of Space’ for the Berlin-based label Metanoia. The new EP’s B-Side is a track called ‘Shomoe’. ‘Shomoe’ is a bit of a change of pace. It is a bouncy, low-tempo track in C major, typically more of an upbeat and hopeful key. But much as we would expect from Casanova, this track is a straight groover. Between that lively bassline, the wobbly stabs, and the pervasive synth chord behind the verse, ‘Shomoe’ kind of makes you feel like you just did a whip-it in a Middle Eastern bazaar. And who needs coffee when you get those screaming horns at 3:58? Another banger from the young German talent.

Tony Casanova is a young up and coming DJ and Producer based out of Berlin. Casanova got his start playing techno and house music in the south of Germany and he has risen through the ranks rather quickly. Casanova has been pegged for releases from some of the biggest labels in the scene including Stil Vor Talent and trndmsk. Casanova has also become known for the extensive amount of work he has done collaborating with other artists. His catalog includes remixes for Animal Trainer and Soul Button of Steyoyoke acclaim, an EP produced alongside Jonas Saalbach for Click Records, and a massively successful EP produced with Mirco Niemeier for Heulsuse called ‘Laika’s Journey’. Up next for Mr. Casanova is the release of his remix for Gabriel Vitel’s ‘Unknown Places’, due out on Vitel’s forthcoming EP ‘New New World’ on July 7th.

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