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Track of the Day: Third Son – Irony

It has been pretty good month for one of our favorite producers from the UK Third Son. Following up his release from earlier in the month with Natura Sonoris and a lovely remix from Anton Dhouran Ft. Ed Bergley “The Myth of Tarea”, is his latest which has come out a few days ago with Sodai Records. The Lithuanian label has had some great releases over the past couple of years since its inception featuring a few other favorites of mine such as Gardens of God and of course Raxon. Third Son is someone who we have given a fair bit of attention to here at LAMP. He was previously featured here a few times for Track of the Day and he put together a guest mix and interview for us a couple years ago that to this day is still one of my favorites. We even had him booked for his first US show but Visa complications prevented it. He has since been back and I hear he is coming back soon and hope to catch him when he does. Third Son consistently delivers some of the most intriguing music that I come across and am always happy to share his new music when I can.

Irony is one of three new originals on Syncope from Third Son and Sodai Records. As is usually the case with Third Son we are going to go on a bit of a journey here as all of his songs seem to tell some kind of a story. It is definitely an exercise in imagination, but if you are listening with intention you will find yourself lost on a journey whether it was your plan or not. Everyones journey will be different as parts of the song will always be more poignant to each individual. There are several parts of this journey that grab my attention. For instance the full bodied kick the rumbles its way thorough the groove, laden with all sorts of cymbals, snares and high hats darting in and out of the mix. Each one playing around moving from left to right and front to back in the arrangement. From there we get a wonderful growling bass line that sounds a bit like a really sawed out standing bass which is accompanied by a squelching synth that introduces us and carries us to the next section of the journey. This is where things start to really gain momentum as all of the elements begin to blend together and work in harmony. A repeating stab that accentuates the whole track takes over as the main theme of the song as long drawn out pads pick us up and gently move us through the arrangement form one phrase to the next. I have listened through this track at least 10 times while writing this today. Each time the journey surprises me with something I did not notice the last time, and is just as intriguing as the first journey though, which is always a sign of a superior piece of music. Check out more of Third Son here. Enjoy and check out the full release below.

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