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Track of The Day: ‘Thinking About It’ (Crom & Thanh Remix) by Just Kidding


‘Thinking About It’ (Crom & Thanh Remix) – Just Kidding

Crom & Thanh gets their hands wet in the jungle with a spellbinding, deep rework of Just Kiddin’s chart topping sensation ‘Thinking About It’. An interesting electric wash effect opens up the track along with slow building beat and echoing vocals that all seem unassuming until the dark bass groove kicks in. The effect is clever and helps to extend the intro into a much longer buildup. Additional tech house-esque percussion layers become more noticeable along with the rising volume of the track’s original vocals. By the time the chorus rings in we’ve already gotten halfway through the track, and been introduced to a majority of it’s composed layers. The breakdown delves deeper into a selection of delayed synths that transfer between your ear drums enveloping your senses further.

The berlin duo stepped onto the scene to collaborate back in 2013 and opened up their catalogue earlier this year with tracks like ‘Arosa Sky’, ‘Black Rain’, and ‘These Walls’. Their on stage performance is well noted as they often do extended “decks & fx” sets with drum pads, FX and live loops. Certainly high on our list of live shows to attend in the near future.
“Their music combines the best of the electronic and analog world, mixing tight club arrangements and productions with live instruments such as guitar, keys and percussions; often collaborating with vocalists who have a “unique voice” and a story to tell.” (RA).

Crom & Thanh are not shy to the remix game, and have a dynamic collection:


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