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Track of the Day: TEO – Time

Today’s track Time comes from a proper techno label by the name of Three Hands Records, via their artist Teo. While most people typically think of Eastern Europe and Germany as being the central hub for techno, Italy sometimes gets forgotten about. One would be mistaken in doing so. With artists including Erly Tepshi, THC, and Trapped in Time, Three Hands has no shortage of hard-hitting ethereal techno. Teo’s release The Essence of Life falls right in line with the rest of Three Hands’ library of spooky and broody sounds.

The track Time begins with some percussive sounds, and melodic hum in the background. While the highs are tight, the delay on the clave gives the feeling of a large space. The song follows a methodical structure, with the kick coming in soon after, followed by a chord hit and a synth 16 bars later. From there song gets right into it, with a single horn giving the track an ominous and broody feeling. Again, the percussive sounds remain tight with no delays or reverb, but the synths and melodic sounds retain delays to give the effect of a big room. The howl in the background makes the song feel like it should be in an abandoned Russian bunker of some sort. An arpeggiated synth enters the mix, giving the song a melancholic feel, and confirming the scene the listener pictures.

The breakdown and subsequent drop are perhaps the best parts of the song, giving the audience time to really crave the bass. Plenty of reverb and delays during the breakdown prime the listener for the tight and succinct drop. The groove returns in proper techno fashion, no big commotion, just the essentials: melody, bass, a few highs, and finally one hit of the horn to complete the drop. Not overdone, not underdone. Sometimes less is indeed more. The continual progression of the song makes it a perfect candidate for an opener in a dark set. Pre-drop it isn’t too intense, allowing the energy to build naturally. Post-drop the song brings the listener along, slowly increasing the intensity and finding it’s groove.

Find the rest of the release below:

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