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Track of the Day: Steve Mulder – Recon

I had a very calm weekend for a change which was nice, but you know that feeling when you relax too hard and you wind up still being a little groggy the next day, that is my Monday for sure. I wanted to find a track for today with some serious boom to it so I could get fired up and out of the slump. Thankfully Filth On Acid is always there to save the day. I am a big fan of the label and while it is not really an “Acid” label it is consistently delivering and home to some of the most banging music that is out there currently. Their latest offering comes from someone who I have been paying a good deal of attention to recently, Steve Mulder. For his Akhnaton EP release he has three massive new originals paired with a remix from Tom Hades. For our track of the day we have Recon.

The Dutch producer Mulder has been at it for quite some time and been recognized for his talents across the globe for the better part of the last decade. He is poised to step out in 2018 with several top notch releases to add to his ever growing catalog. Labels Bitten, Funk n’ Deep, Respekt and now Filth On Acid are a great bunch of labels to get your year started with and he will definitely be on my radar for future releases as well.
Recon is exactly what I was looking for today starting of with a big booming kick drum and simple little snare groove acompanied by big reverberating pads that give the track add to the overall massiveness of the track. The track has a very dark and sinister feel to it as the plucky lead comes in along with the eerily sounding oboe like synth that is oscillating feverishly in the background. There is enough energy in this track to knock you right out of your shoes. It for sure got me going on the path I needed to get to today. The entire EP for that matter is like a triple shot of espresso so skip the coffee and go straight to the EP and get your body moving. Enjoy.

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