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Track of the Day: Stal – The Crime (Shuhandz Remix)

We are excited to share a new one from our good friend Shuhandz. You may remember his previous releases with LAMP back in the day along with his guest mix as well. We enjoyed keeping an eye on his career over the last few years and area always happy to share his music when we can. For this most recent project he has teamed up with former M83 member Pierre-Marie Maulini who is now producing under the name Stal. “The Crime” is a great piece of music set with the intention, according to the artist, that the crime is “This self-obsessed focus on our careers and personal development”. Something I think almost all of us can relate to at some point in our lives or another.

Shuhandz was tapped for the official remix on this one and he takes the original which has a bit of an indie electro vibe to it and flips it into a driven house groover. Utilizing those rich bass tones and uplifting chord stabs he takes us into a realm of listening that is easy to get lost in as he takes us on smooth and melodic musical journey that is anything but a crime. I strongly recommend checking out the original track for some context to the two different versions of the song Orignal and Remix. It really puts the vibe and energy of the song into context and gives a different perspective on the remix. Enjoy.

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