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Track of the Day: Simon Prod – Nemesi

Loyalty pays. Earlier this year I started following Three Hands Records more closely and so far I’ve not been disappointed. Three Hands consistently releases melancholic and broody techno, often times taking the listener to a dark and spooky place. The label features artists like Erly Tepshi, The Ancient Memories, THC, and today’s artist: Simon Prod. Like many of Three Hands’ artists, Prod hails from Italy (specifically Florence). Italian techno is alive and well. Prod is on the darker end of the spectrum, and his release Semantica which features Nemesi definitely falls into said category.

The track wastes no time with lengthy introductions which often lack a low-end. No, instead the listener is smacked with a heavy and powerful bass-line paired with a mean kick. From the get-go I find myself bobbing my head; Nemesi is the type of track that gets the listener moving quickly. The clean low end is paired with equally crisp highs. The occasional distorted hit gives the song a gritty touch. A few melodic chords find their way into the mix, often accompanied by reverb and delay to give the sound a sense of space.

The song draws listeners in with its beautiful progression of the sound landscape. One moment the track feels open via the use of reverb, but Prod quickly shifts the mood. He brings the sound in and closes the doors to the metaphorical-room, dropping out most of the highs. The listener is entranced by the underground-club-like groove of the melody. With very few highs, leaving just the melody and bass, the song captivates anyone. Not only does the track command the listener’s attention, it keeps it by constantly evolving. I found myself shaking my head in disbelief as it got better and better, and I made the “nasty” face probably 10 times during the song. All-in-all I thoroughly enjoyed discovering this song and am excited to share it with you all!

Nemesi is my favorite track from month of March. You can purchase it next week, specifically Friday March 30. Be sure to look out for Three Hands Records’ future releases, as well as Simon Prod’s. You will be happy you did!

The rest of the release, which also comes out next Friday, can be found below:

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