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Track of the Day: Shlømo – Vertigo (Secus Remix)

As a Los Angeles resident it is always exciting to follow local artists as they emerge to the forefront of your favorite genre. For me, that means watching Motionen and their label Ascetic Limited rise to the scene. Secus, one half of Motionen’s duo, is a rising star no doubt. Drawing his inspiration from Wata Igarashi, Mindtrip records, Outpost live, Ruhig, Von Grall, Tensal, and of course Los Angeles’ own: Developer. Much to Secus’ pleasure, his style of techno falls right in with his idols, a perfect mix of dreamy and scary. Ethereal techno at its finest.

The song itself is a perfect blend of both dark and deep, a combination that’s hard to balance. The vastness of the sounds give the feeling of being in an underground bunker, with water dripping from the ceiling, and running down the walls. It feels like a soundscape that you have to crawl through crevasses to arrive at. Secus makes use of reverb and ping-pong delays for certain melodic sounds like chord hits, but keeps the bass and drums tight to give that distinct feeling of the song being both contained, but also expansive. It is a perfect combination.

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