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Track of the Day: Shaded – This Function

Coming off of a great weekend here in Los Angeles. One of the highlights of the weekend for sure was the stop I made at The Treehouse on Friday night for Ramon Tapia and Shaded. It was my first opportunity to to catch Tapia who was incredible and to top it off was Southern California native Shaded. I have been following Shaded’s career very closely and it was great to catch him here in LA again. The irony of the situation is it is just now that the local scene is catching on to what this amazing producer has been doing for a very long time now. Having firmly made a name for himself among the top producers in the techno market, especially over in Europe. Working with many of the top labels such as Sci + Tec, Senso, Turbo and many others. A few months back Shaded released his Below Low EP with another one of my favorite labels Rukus headed up by the one and only Matador. Which leads us to our track of the day, ‘This Funtion’.

Right from the start we are greeted with a nice round and booming kick accompanied by some choppy percussive elements which give the groove that driving almost locomotive feel to it. Not long after the pitched down vocal that assuredly lead to the tracks title is introduced and is quickly accompanied by the bouncy lead synth. From there we are off on the journey as the vocal pitches back and forth and the lead goes through several different modulations from short and plucky tones, to notes that have long release, creating a fun a engaging arrangement that will keep you moving throughout the entire song. The full release is down below along with a new remix just released on Exploited. Enjoy.

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