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Track of the Day: SG Lewis feat. J Warner – Aura

It may be February 1st but here in Southern California we continue to be blessed with sunshine and warm weather like summer never left. Luckily for our listeners in colder parts of the world, SG Lewis brings the heat and summertime vibes with his latest single “Aura”. Inspired by Brazilian samba rhythms heard on a recent trip Lewis took to Rio de Janiero coupled with some grooving disco-inspired guitar and bass alongside J Warner’s silky smooth topline, “Aura” oozes with a soulful and vibrant energy that you can’t help but get up and dance to.

“Aura” is SG Lewis’s first release of 2018 but promises to be the first of many as the London-based producer and songwriter has stated that it is the first single of a 3-part album slated to drop this year. The album titled “Dusk, Dark, Dawn” is an ode to club culture and is designed to reflect the progression of a night out from start to finish over the course of the album. The different parts are representative of the mood and energy of each stage of the night.

“Aura” is from the first stage of the album titled “Dusk” in which Lewis intends to offer up the more disco, hip hop, and 80’s electro infused sounds from his palette. Here’s what he had to say about what we can expect from the first stage of this ambitious project, “Disco has always had the association of the start of a night for me. I spent a lot a time as a resident DJ in clubs and disco was always that magnetic genre, always brought people onto the dance floor. There’s an undeniable beauty to this part of the night. The apprehension, excitement… ‘Dusk’ is the warm-up for the heavier, darker things to come.”

Stay tuned for more tracks from SG Lewis’s new album. In the mean time check out more of his music on Spotify and catch a glimpse into the making of Aura below.

SG Lewis – Making Of Aura

How I made Aura

Posted by SG Lewis on Tuesday, January 30, 2018

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