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Track of the Day: Seven Davis Jr – To Be Continued.

Back at this Monday with a new jam from one of my favorites, Seven Davis Jr. entitled ‘To Be Continued.’ There’s little info around the release date, label or whether or not this is the a full version of the track, but that has not deterred me from picking this tune out as my Track of the Day.

The tune opens up with a snappy drum loop that consists of a pumping kick, quick snare and clap hits that have wonderful dispersion in the low and high end frequencies. The reason I point this out is that it sets the ear up perfectly for Seven’s vocal to join the arrangement. Quick cuts of the vocals carry the intro nicely into the first breakdown which introduces the song’s main bassline a super muted and very jazzy guitar groove. More verses of the vocals are shortly revealed and the addition of a bright organ line joins in on the fun. What I love about this instrument is that it has a few different forms. One of them runs in tangent with the melodic flow of Seven’s voice for a few bars and then is interlaced with some quick chord stabs that create an amazing harmony on the 3rd and 4th bars.

The main breakdown has some nice freeform progressions, and off tempo stabs in it and the vocals adeptly reference the auditory “space” that the of absence of the kick provides. The second half of the track doesn’t stray to far away from the main arrangement but the beauty is truly in the simplicty and effectiveness of each instrument and track that Seven has chosen for this tune.

A total change of pace but I love this super downtempo remix Seven put out a few months ago.

Seven Davis Jr. is one of those artists that I believe is developing a timeless sound with his productions. He is void of any particular genre definitions and his musical creativity goes beyond the keyboard which makes him and even more enticing artists to pay attention to. With his own imprint Secret Angles he has a giant sandbox to play in with experimental sounds and projects permeating from its catalog. Currently on tour with FLying Lotus this artist is nothing short of amazing.

It’s no secret that Seven will be performing at our forthcoming charity event The Giving Tree Chapter 2 on Friday December 15th and I am personally looking forward to sharing his musical prowess with out family and friends.

Grab a ticket and support some amazing charities: http://bit.ly/giving_tree2

If you’re in town and want to get a gist of what’s in store from him then check out this phenomenal set from him courtesy of Ministry of Sound.


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