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Track of the Day: RYBO & Fritz Carlton – Eggo [SNOE029]

Happy Monday LAMP fans! Only a few more weeks to close out the year and this is the penultimate Monday Track of the Day for 2017. First off I wanted to give a huge shout out to our LAMP Family, Understated family, volunteers and of course our artists for putting together a wonderful and successful charity event this past Friday. As a nod to the show I decided to check out Fritz Carlton’s latest drop ‘Eggo’ with fellow DH member RYBO on the Berlin based label SNOE.

Unfortunately, there’s not currently a full stream version of the track but in support of what I felt was a pretty solid sounding 4mins of preview I went ahead an purchased it on Beatport so I could review this bad boy properly.

To start the main synth melody in this tune really hooked me in. The sharp, modulated saw line cuts through the arrangement with purpose during the chorus and pairs really nicely with the grooving bassline that is a solid backbone for this tune. What’s even better and a real testament to varying a simple but effective instrument is the overdrive, and multi-layer filtering that gets applied to that very same melody. It adds just the right amount of character and texture to that instrument in the second part of the song creating that all important asymmetry.

Between the lead synth, bouncy bassline, and snappy percussive elements, it’s really hard not to nod your head to this tune. Well placed FX stabs, vocal cuts and a host of fun risers and sweeps are the silky smooth syrup on top of this sweet sweet waffle batter.

I also encourage you to check out ‘Sedated’ a dark, tech house thumper and a nice pairing for the EP:

I recently had the opportunity to watch Fritz at work several times over the past month and a half at IO Music Academy as their artist-in-residence. If you’re familiar with or are uncovering the nuances, tricks and tips for producing music I highly recommend watching some of the live sessions that IO has posted on their FB page with Fritz. Specifically pay attention to his workflow and how he works with speed and efficiency with samples and predominantly in Arrangement View. Now it’s fair to say that a lot of instructors, tutorials and other seasoned producers may not necessarily encourage this method but what I gleaned from it was how inspirations and results can come from so many variations of using the same tools.

Check out more of his work here:

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