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Track of the Day: Ron Costa – Buly

If you are like me – not much of a coffee drinker – and you need something to get the brain stimulated after a tough weekend of raging, some good techno is often the answer. I was welcomed this morning to a lovely cup of Ron Costa and his latest release for Octopus Recordings. This particular release comes via their warehouse series and all are fully appropriate for those late nights in dark and sweaty rooms across the globe. Ron Costa has been a favorite of mine going back quite a ways. I can’t even tell you how far back but I feel like its been at least 10 years. He is an absolute genius of techno with his releases coming from so many labels including SCI + TECH, Alleanza, Tronic, Noir and his own label Potbolo. Lately I feel as if the man is on absolute fire and today we are featuring the title track “Buly” of his latest EP.

This is really some classic techno here. A simple but well crafted groove sets the pace of the track. A crunchy sawtooth synth accentuates the groove as it modulates, tightening and releasing the cutoff in time with the groove. In addition there is a super funky hollowed sound that reminds me of this guy Ive seen in a video playing PVC pipes with a flip-flop. It is a wonderfully pleasing sound to my ears and it really draws me further into the track. Further elevating the song are some wonderfully places and trance-esque synth pads that hit majestically before trailing off. We only get a snippet of the track here but it was released in full today so you can pick it up if want here. Also make sure check out the other two releases from Costa below. Enjoy.

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