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Track of The Day: Risa Taniguchi – Roger

Breaking protocol here just a little, for this it is worth it. We usually like to give everyone a bit more than a snippet whenever possible but this release is too good and being such a fan of the label and Risa I could not help myself. You may remember earlier this year we introduced you to the incredibly talented producer from Japan, Risa Taniguchi. She put such an incredible mix together combined with her recent releases with Clash Lion, and Lyase records. It should be mentioned she also self released some great tracks under DJ RS as well. I got extremely excited when she mentioned this upcoming release with Suara. After having a chance to listen through on multiple occasions I am still as excited as I was the first listen. Each track tells its own unique story and stands alone from one another, but come together to form a substantiative musical effort that when listened to from start to finish will surely get the imagination flowing and have you clamoring for more.

I want to specifically focus on “Roger” as our Track of The Day. Like I said above each one of these songs stands on its own and I wouldn’t say that Roger is my favorite (Favorites are to hard with this one) but it definitely strikes a chord with my musical senses. I was sucked in right off the bat with the driving groove and pitching snare drums. The blaring trombones further set the tone before the song goes full on acid, and that’s it I’m sold. One of the things I love about Risa is her ability to channel this late 80’s into the early 90’s rave vibe. When you listen to her music you can’t help but reminded of some of the great producers of that era like Orbital, Underworld, Chemical Bro’s and so many others that pioneered this world of dance music and Techno. Check out her Mix from us earlier this year down below and I also linked the Entire EP along with a pre-order link here. Enjoy.


Risa Taniguchi


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