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Track of the Day: Risa Taniguchi – Monica

LAMP fans you are in for a treat this week. We have a fantastic guest mix from Risa Taniguchi who is also the focus of our Track of the Day. I was recently introduced to her music by one of my little techno wizards who drop some much appreciated knowledge on me from time to time. Hailing from Japan, Taniguchi well known in her homeland also as DJ RS, is beginning to make waves across the seas, landing firmly on the techno grounds of Europe catching the ears of Shal Ocin and crew over at Clash Lion leading to this relase “Ambush” just a little over a month ago. We will have more on Taniguchi throughout the week but for now we have “Monica” for you as our track of the day.

‘Monica’ is one of three tracks off the Ambush EP for Clash Lion Records. It sets you on a ride as Taniguchi gradually builds up the track layer by layer, putting together a beast of a tune. A fierce kick that will fill any space to the max is accompanied by a cowbell, some acid stabs, and some phasers that whip their way in every once in a while. I am not even going to try and figure out what the vocal is doing but it is of note that it is Risa’s own voice providing that awesome chopped vocal that gives the track its final touch. You are going to want to check out the rest of the ep as well her other music which there is going to be tons of in her mix for us this week. Check the LAMP Soundcloud tomorrow for that. Enjoy!

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