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Track of the Day: Option4 – Back2Business

Happy Monday to you all. It has been a busy couple of weeks getting ready to kick of the summer and a ton of new music has been coming through the channels. The HotBoi himself Option4 delivers another great tune this time for the label Psycho Disco! A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get out to Desert Hearts to see one of my favorite house producers Option4 get after it with Worthy for a couple hours. It was a blast and the entire place was bouncing fiercely the entire time. It was an experience for sure and I was stoked to get to be a part of it. One part of the set in particular that got my attention was when Option4 dropped this newly released track Back2Business. There was no roof but if there was it would have been completely blown off. There were so many smiles on peoples faces and you could just see the whole place lift off and go into outer space all at the same time.

“Back2Business” is a fun tech house tune that will keep you moving and always guessing as to what is around the corner with all of the different elements that make up the track. Always introducing some new element to the track while not getting too lost and pushing through the core elements of the track. Jumping off with a catchy vocal sample an an enticing bass line lures you in like the pied piper. From there it is off onto the journey as a myriad of effects and synths carry us along through the groove and the rest of the songs arrangement. This is classic for sure and will be finding its way into many of my sets this summer and probably forever. Some seriously genuine music from one of the kindest and most genuine artists I have ever come across. Enjoy. Also make sure to check out Option4’s LAMP Mix below from little while back and if you are in Palm Springs this weekend or thinking of heading that way you should 100% head the the Gari Safari party where he will be performing.

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