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Track of the Day: N/um – Induction (Single Edit)

Track of the Day: N/um – Induction (Single Edit)

Happy Monday! Today we have one from a trio of American house and minimal producers called N/um. Earlier this summer N/um released a single called ‘Induction’ which will also be included on their forthcoming ‘Yes EP’, due out next month on Mexican music label Duro. ‘Induction’ leads in with a thumping electro kick and a short guitar lick that serve as the basis for the track but N/um quickly introduce a simple, yet powerful piano chord progression. I love the offbeat claps and the subtle modulated sample of what sounds like a crowd cheering in the background. They add a sense of texture and depth. My favorite part is the last verse when N/um loop that little melodic phrase for just a few measures. Fun and laid back track!

N/um is a house and minimal influenced live act that consists of five time grammy winning mixing and mastering engineer Jeremy Loucas, guitarist Elias Meister, and keyboardist and vocalist Emil Bovbjerg. ‘Yes EP’ will mark the group’s second release after last year’s debut album ‘Zebra’, also out on Duro. The more I look into N/um the more interested I get. The group is purely improvisational. Every set is improvised. They don’t plan out a structure, they don’t plan out songs, they just get up there and play. According to Duro’s website, N/um recorded ‘Zebra’ in a single session in November of 2015. People are rightly taking notice. N/um was recently pegged to contribute one of their live sets to John Acquaviva’s radio show on Ibiza Global Radio and signed with The Arcana Agency, the home of artists like Trent Cantrelle, Brian Cid, and Miyagi.

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