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Track of the Day: Nick Devon – Eternity

Happy Friday! You made it through the week. To celebrate, Steyoyoke has a present for you from one of their cornerstone artists: Nick Devon. I always keep on the look-out for new music from Steyoyoke, especially their sublabel Steyoyoke Black. Label-head Soul Button created the sublabel with the same focus on groove and melody that Steyoyoke has, but it is noticeably darker, and more techno-driven. With artists like Binaryh, Pete Oak, and Dahu, Steyoyoke Black has its fair share of dark melodic techno. The label’s latest release Innerverse courtesy of Nick Devon is no different. It features moody, emotional, and dark soundscapes that Devon thoughtfully creates.

Eternity is a slow-builder for sure. Devon takes his time to develop the song. One thing he doesn’t waste time with is the kick. From the start the listener is met with a classic heavy-but-tight Nick Devon kick. Obscure percussion clicks, with soft whistles engage the listeners ears throughout the entire intro. A soft stab in the background gives the song an eerie feel. Each melodic noise is accompanied by some reverb and delay, giving the track a feeling of vastness and space. A classic Nick Devon touch is the way his drops play out: almost all noises except the melody, bass, and kick drop out. No highs to distract from the dark and emotional undertones of the song. Each noise is carefully designed to interact with the rest of the track to create harmonies between the sounds. All-in-all the track is dark, emotional, and very well thought out. Nick Devon doesn’t usually disappoint, and he didn’t pick today to start.

The rest of Innerverse is just as exceptional as Eternity, check it out below.

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