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Track of the Day: Mundo D x Roglar – Dark Cave

Been Touched a sub-label of Sincopat Records is one that we have discussed here a few times in the past, and for good reason. The label headed by AFFKT has extremely great taste and finds artists that are pushing the boundaries of house and techno. Our track of the day “Dark Cave” is one of two on the 31st release in the series and it features two new artists to me Mundo D. and Roglar. I did a little digging and this is the first official release that I could find from these two and the first from Roglar besides a Depeche Mode bootleg with Mundo D. who has had a few other releases with Sincopat over the last few years.

You will want to prepare yourself for a highly energetic track that will take you on a journey through parts unknown. From the opening bars I was grabbed by the plucky stabbing bass that drives throughout the majority of the track. A nice punchy kick with some soft pads help get things going as well. If you are like me and tend to let your imagination run a little, when the bell like arp synth comes in you can almost place your self in a large cavern with huge overhanging Stalactites reaching down to meet their Stalagmite partners on the ground. As we venture deeper into our cave the track really really gains intensity as a much grittier arp synth introduces itself mixing in with huge sub bass and the rest of the groove. They take us through a couple of different variations of everything really adding to the adventurous vibe with a wonderful arrangement. It all makes for a very interesting and lively track that will certainly brighten many dance floors. Make sure to keep an eye on these two as a duo and individually. For now check out the other track off this EP. Enjoy.

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