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LAMP Premiere: Mr H’S – No Ordinary (THe WHite SHadow Remix)


LAMP Premiere: Mr H’S – No Ordinary (THe WHite SHadow Remix)

LAMP is bringing you another premier today. Carton-Pâte Records recently released Mr H’S newest EP ‘No Ordinary’ his first for the French label. The album consists of two new originals and two remixes from some very up and coming new artists, Le Monkey and THe WHite SHadow. For our premier we have THe WHite SHadow’s remix of ‘No Ordinary’. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the original of ‘No Ordinary’ I strongly recommend that you do. Then come back and check out what THe WHite SHadow has done with this incredible remix.

At the beginning of the remix THe WHite SHadow starts things of with a little bell and a simple kick and snare. In the background faintly you can hear a little plucking sound which is the main synth taken from the original that moved in a sort of a stepping fashion but heavily modulated. I love how he takes this sound and lengthens it to give it that classic 80’s arp synth sound, playing with the theme through out the entire length of the track. The track really takes the listener on a journey going through two very distinct phases of growth through the first half of the track. Overall the track has a very ethereal and majestic feel to it, especially when the sub bass is introduced along with the wistful vocal. A very powerful but not overpowering piece that has mass amounts of emotions emanating from its every beat.

The White Shadow based out of France was originally brought to my attention with the label Chapter 24. His subdued but incredibly powerful style of production has been making people very happy lately. Finding his way onto labels like Einmusika, Still Vor Talent, Tulipa and a multitude of others he is certainly on the rise. Not sure if he has made it over to this side of the world yet but with an ever increasing touring schedule I am sure it is just a matter of time before he comes this way. Make sure to check out more from THe WHite SHadow below as well as Carton-Pâte Records who were kind enough to let us premier this incredible track for you all today.

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