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Track of the Day: Miyagi & Giorgia Angiuli – Infinity Bells

I’m spoiled this week as I get to start off and close out the Track of the Day reviews for you all! Today’s pick came to me pretty quickly in my search, and is part of a very special forthcoming album from the amazing folks at Einmusika Recordings. To celebrate the 100th release they’ve put together a stunning 8 track album called EVERY JOURNEY CREATES A NEW SOUND that “will feature 8 tracks of 8 different collabs from Einmusik & Philipp Kempnich, Marc Depulse & Rafael Cerato, Third Son & Jonas Saalbach, Budakid & Ron Flatter, Miyagi & Giorgia Angiuli, David Granha & Animal Picnic, Betoko & Beatamines and Miss Melera & Olivier Weiter.” Yes you read that list right! The first release to appear on the radar is from duo Miyagi & Giorgia Angiul entitled ‘Infinity Bells’.

A thumping kick, raspy phased-out snare and shaker mixture open up this delectable track while a slow appreciated bell synth begins to bubble underneath while a delay envelope is gradually applied to really open up the stereo space of the mix. A slow pulsating bass line begins to build in the same manner until some heavily attacked claps join the percussion group. As the lead bass begins to take over the mix a beautiful soft stabbing synth flutters over top and echoing horn pads hit you from all sides.

The tracks progression continues to unveil wonderful elements such as an ethereal vocal and this amazing Star Trek-esque space bell shoots across the auditory space. A more developed chord progression is also working its way through deep bass line and really pushes the breakdown of the song through in to the main chorus. There’s a lot going on in this track and each layer plays off of one another so seamlessly adding to the longevity of the core composition. In doing so the track can have a familiar through line without having to make transitions noticeably diverse, a difficult feat when working on such a deep, progressive type of style.

Both Miyagi and Giorgia Angiuli are relatively new on my radar, and while it’s a shame that’s also the beauty of exploring and writing about new music! I only have a few tracks that feature Angiuli and I will certainly revisit them along with both of the artists full discography. Angiuli is a southern Italian producer with classical training and live music enthusiast. Her invovlement in the electronic music scene has spanned several projects including a notable placement with BPitch Control called WE LOVE. In 2013 she began a exploring her identity further simply as her name via a residency at TENAX. Her music has featured on a healthy selection of undergrounds finest imprints including Marc DePulse’s Constant Circles, Click Records, Stil Vor Talent, Katermukke, and of course Einmusika.

Miyagi has most likely crossed paths with Angiuli via Katermukke or Einmusika and it’s not a surprise that the two have found synergy in the studio. Robert Wagenknecht aka Miyagi is a Hamburg based producer that has his feet firmly planted at the intersection between perfomer, musician, and record label owner. His imprints Rennbahn Records and Lost Diaries showcase a plethora of awesome artists that I love such as Ron Flatter, Sascha Braemer, Dan Caster, Tim Engelhardt, Gab Rhome and many more. As I already mentioned I will be sifting through his catalog this week without hesitation!

I also really enjoyed listening to Miyagi’s Burning Man Sunrise Set while I was writing up this review:


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