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Track of the Day: Mazi & Duriez – Chicago Wake Up Call (Marc Romboy Remix)

Track of the Day: Mazi & Duriez – Chicago Wake Up Call (Marc Romboy Remix)

Happy Monday! Today I thought we would bring it back with a classic remix from one of the masters – Marc Romboy. In 2007 Romboy did a remix for David Duriez and Mazi Namvar’s ‘Chicago Wake Up Call’, out on Gourmet Recordings. ‘Chicago Wake Up Call (Marc Romboy Remix)’ features a banging kick drum, a hypnotic electro synth loop, and a deep, driving bassline that is perfect for jacking the energy of a dancefloor up. But this is Marc Romboy we are talking about so this isn’t just your typical Chicago bodyjacking tech house tune. In the second verse we get a deep synth melody fading in that introduces an interesting level contrast behind the staccato beats. ‘Chicago Wake Up Call (Marc Romboy Remix)’ is a subtle and dynamic track from a remarkable talent.

Marc Romboy is a German DJ, producer, and label owner. In 2004 Romboy set up Systematic Recordings. Over the last 13 years Systematic has released music for many of the biggest names in the scene. Adriatique, Stephan Bodzin, Rodriguez Jr., Audiojack… the list goes on. Romboy’s artistic vision is second to none and people flock to it. ‘Voyage De La Planète’, Romboy’s most recent album out now on Hyperharmonic, feels like it was produced by a Baroque era composer more than a DJ. Beyond that his range is amazing. Romboy’s catalog contains strokes of progressive techno, downtempo, and jacking tech house alike. But if ‘Voyage’ is any kind of indicator of what’s to come then I personally can’t wait to see what Romboy has in store for us next.

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