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Track of the Day: Maysa – Nobody Else

For those esteemed readers who have had the pleasure of attending the annual occasions of desert bacchanalia known as Lightening in a Bottle and/or the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, there are likely some particular associations, themes, and memories (maybe) that come along with hearing the phrase “the Do LaB.” For many, this phrase might bring to mind scenes of sun-drenched debauchery under multi-colored patchwork canopies, chance converges of far-flung friend groups in between sets, exuberant figures on stage wielding water cannons and wearing outfits which might be loosely described as “venice-steampunk-playa-chic,” and of course the veritable deluge of massive beats – many of which sound as if they emerged from a cross between a heart-of-darkness-esque jungle and an invasion of friendly but highly inebriated aliens from the 11th dimension of house music.

Though it isn’t actually associated with our friends over at Do LaB, Maysa’s latest release “Nobody Else” fits right in with this sort of fresh and vivid sonic pastoral. With a little imagination, it’s not hard to imagine this track playing with a healthy accompaniment of super-soaker mist, artfully potted tree ferns, and a pack of resplendent dancers wearing loud prints absolutely losing their damn marbles. Perhaps there is the faint rumble of a small plane flying overhead trailing a festive advertisement for a local dispensary (free delivery), the enticingly savory waft from a nearby paia stand, and a score of artfully arranged instagrams being snapped – in short, one of those days when the sunny festival vibes are truly on point.

Touting credits as a DJ, producer, International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness pro bikini athlete, fitness coach, certified trainer, and aesthetician, LA-based Maysa Quy serves up a track long on bounce and short on filler. The tightly-crafted rhythm section is highlighted by a set of hand drums with a mean swing, paired with a meaty kick which cuts through on laptop speakers and takes on an appropriately commanding presence on larger systems. The vocal samples unfold at a measured pace to keep things moving, while a filtered synth stab ties it together in the top end – overall a highly cohesive sound with an infectious groove.

You can keep up with Maysa via Soundcloud (, Instagram (, and Facebook ( – looking forward to hearing more from this talented Angelino in the near future.

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