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Track of the Day: Marsian (Sian + Marc Houle) – It’s

I heard about this project Marsian from Octopus label head Sian and fellow techno genius Marc Houle a few weeks back. I found myself very intrigued at what this duo would come up with. The moment has arrived with the first EP for the newly formed Marsian. A 3 track EP with two originals and a fantastic remix of X-rays from Audiojack which I included in this weeks LAMP Weekly Mix which you can listen to here. The title track X-Rays and the remix are taking center stage and deservedly so but there has been almost no mention of our track of the day It’s.

A thunderous four on the floor kick accompanied by a glitchy oscillating synth start things off. More percussive elements enter the fray taking over the arrangement as the synth from the opening of the track continues to modulate and meander through the mix. One percussive element that really stands out to me is the claps. They have such a vibrant feel to them and the switch from a driving ride style pattern to one that that is more like a triplet and chopped up is really fun. It is pretty in your face and a little out there but at the end of the day this is gonna knock your socks off when you find yourself off rocker hearing this at like 3 or 4 am on some nice speakers in a dark sweaty warehouse. For a longer snippet check out the youtube video below or just go out and grab the whole EP you wont be disappointed.

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