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Track of the Day: Marco Faraone – Modular Day

Italian producer Marco Faraone is back on the relatively new On Edge Society label with his latest release Stage Capture. Founded by Techno legend Carlo Lio and head of InMotion Music LTD, Kareem Kali their first release also featured Marco Faraone and his Etna EP. For some of us myself included there is a special place in our hearts for vinyl records. On Edge Society is an outlet for the label founders to express their love of vinyl and at the same time present to us next level underground techno. I really loved this whole release and will share the whole thing down below. “Modular Day” is the one I decide to go with so lets get to it.

Faraone is someone to start keeping an eye on if you are not already familiar. Having had several releases over the last decade on a handful of some of the most respected techno labels on the planet, I have had some run-ins with some of his music in the past. Including “Etna” which as I mentioned before was the first release for On Edge Society. He comes from a diverse music background and it shows in his music. Modular Day grabs you right from the start, with growling sub bass and a driving groove you are instantly put into the thick of things as Faraone does not wait to make things interesting. A stabbing pad which plays out as the lead enters the fray and gradually modulates into a more drawn out pad before heading back to its stabbing ways. The subtle addition of many different percussive elements creates a fantastic dynamic between the modulating pad elevating the track and taking the listener to another dimension entirely. Some pure techno that carries with it a very classic vibe but feels completely new at the same time.

All of the releases for On Edge Socitey have an exclusive release on vinyl before eventually making their way to digital release so if you are like me and want to hold that wax, then head to their bandcamp page or over to Juno Records. If you want to get the digital release you only have to wait a few more days (March 23rd), but you can pre-order it here. Also if you are so inclined and live in or near Los Angeles come see him live at Sound Night Club this Saturday, more info below just hit the flyer link.

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