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Track of the Day: Marc Romboy – Galaxy In An Atom

Not going to beat around the bush here. This is epic on an entirely different plane. When one of the best producers on the planet releases on one of my favorite labels you are going to here about it here at LAMP. Marc Romboy is plain and simple a musical genius. There are few producers that I have heard that can grab and hold my attention musically and create as strong an emotional response as he does. He joins the Spiecher sub label from Kompakt on its 103rd release. The label headed up by Michael Mayer, Wolfgang Voigt and J├╝rgen Paape continues to be one of the most inspirational and boundary pushing labels out there today. I have been a faithful follower going back to when I first discovered the label and they were in their late 20’s. It is one of the few labels that I still purchase the vinyl for on that off chance I get back to play a dope vinyl set. Before you know it they will be up to release #200. It will be a while seeing as how they just hit 100 but Im sure the journey along the way will be enjoyable.

Galaxy In An Atom is one of two incredible new tracks from Marc Romboy on Speicher 103. The first time I listened through this track I was stunned. The track has so much power and delivered so much emotion that I literally could not hold it in my body and cheered out loud. I was alone so I didn’t freak anybody out but that was a really great feeling that just could not be contained. It fully brought me back to a moment last year out in Wyoming when I was lucky enough to experience a glorious sunset on the prairie with Romboy. If you have ever had the chance to experience Marc Romboy live then you probably can relate to what I am saying here the rest of you will just have to wait until he comes back our way again. The other track on the EP Elektrisiermaschine is a bit darker and grittier but equally as powerful. I love the deep growling saw bass washed out synths and strongly recommended to add them both to your collections. Enjoy.

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