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Track of the Day: Lou Gorbea – In My Head feat. Dawn Williams (David Harness Vocal Mix)

I have to say it’s been great to kick off our Mondays recently. I’ve been crate digging ahead of my show and gone down a few rabbit holes here and there. I also got some nice surprises in my feed this weekend from the likes of Seven Davis Jr. and a really awesome podcast from Horse Meat Disco via Rinse FM. It’s with that latter note that I transition to my track of the day pick for today. It’s soulful re-rub by David Harness of a brand new drop from the infamous Nervous crew with Lou Gorbea coming at us with a vocal collab with singer songwriter Dawn Williams entitled ‘In My Head’.

Williams infectious vocals serenade us throughout with the chorus ‘All in my head’ still echoing in my ears even after the song ends. Each verse reflects on this harmonious world that William’s has crafted in her mind, a dreamscape if you will. In some ways I suppose, given today’s climate that even her simple references to a clean and beautiful earth seem so unrealistic. As she ponders her visions she begins to realize their fictitious nature and needs to snap out of this false sense security and happiness to face the real world in front of her. “Why is my mind playing tricks on me?” sums up the emotional conflict Williams deals with in this wonderfully crafted narrative.

The arrangement seeks to define a really soulful vibe with some warm pads and melodies from a few different Rhodes style synth layers dancing over top of the rhythm. The drums comprise of a nice round kick, a variety of different hand drums placed at different depths of the arrangement, and this very dope wet perc/fx hit that has a nice panning delay to it.

The whole collection for this release is actually solid which includes instrumental a vocal remixes from David Harness, DJ Spinna and of course Lou Gorbea’s original.

I needed to do some research on David Harness as I wasn’t immediately familiar with him or his music. A Bay Area resident and California native Harness first began DJ’ing in the early 90s and became heavily involved in San Francisco’s club scene and made the transition to commerical radio jockeying joining the popular show Your Mama’s House on the San Francisco Bay Area’s number one radio station KMEL FM. He remained a staple in the scene throughout the 90s perfoming alongside some of the legends. A natural progression towards production and releasing his own music started to flow out and his efforts led him to work with the likes of Mary J. Blige, Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, Simply Red, Alicia Keys, and many more.

There’s a wonderful introduction to his sound with a remix of Jill Scott’s ‘Hear My Call’ on his Soundcloud page that is worth a listen.


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