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Track of the Day: Laurence Guy – Stray

Track of the Day: Laurence Guy – Stray

Happy Monday! Today I thought we would dial things back a bit and go with something a little dreamier. Laurence Guy’s forthcoming LP, set to drop on Church at the end of the month, gives us the perfect opportunity. ‘Saw You For The First Time’ marks Guy’s third release for Church and it is chock full of that low-key jazzy sound that Seb Wildblood has painstakingly cultivated. I particularly liked ‘Stray’. It is so smooth. It leads in with chirping birds and soft piano chords that conjure images of an early morning. When the beat drops and the pace picks up the track transitions into something a little funkier and extremely satisfying. The low, droning bass in the background is subtle and just enough to drive the track without dominating it. A perfect tune for a hangover after a birthday barbecue!

Laurence Guy is a British DJ and producer from London. Although he began DJ’ing at an early age Guy really seems to be hitting his stride now. Since 2015 he has been pegged for releases by a few interesting labels including Fort Romeau’s Cin Cin, Ben Gomori’s Monologues, and Seb Wildblood’s Church. Guy’s 2015 ‘Kojak EP’, his first on Church, was an absolute monster and earned premieres from i-D, Stamp The Wax, and Délicieuse Musique. Give ‘Faithful’ a listen too. It is a features a beautiful sample of rolling chimes that will brighten your day.

Thanks to everyone who made it out to Alex and Miles’s birthday BBQ yesterday! As usual it was great to see all of your beautiful smiling faces.

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