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Track of the Day: Kerri Chandler – Rain (Dense & Pika Remix)

One of the coolest things about dance music is its reverence for the rich history that the genre is steeped in. Many DJs and producers take time to go back and listen to the seminal records that were smashing dance floors before they were old enough to get into a party. You know that old saying everything old is new again? The art of the remix makes this cliche a reality.

With Dense & Pika’s bold and aggressive remix of Kerri Chandler’s classic track ‘Rain’ they have achieved the delicate balance of paying tribute to the original song while very much putting their stamp on the production. Originally released in 2007, Rain was a deep house record that featured moody chords, classic open hi-hats and a soulful vocal. Dense & Pika took the liberty of crafting an in your face peak hour techno monster. The vocal and chords are sampled throughout, weaving through a maximal soundscape of hectic compressed drums, crushing basslines, twisted distortion, and a couple of dramatic breakdowns.

For the uninitiated, Dense & Pika is a duo comprised of Hypercolour label boss Alex Jones and Chris Spero, perhaps best known by his alias Glimpse. They have been releasing music since 2011 and tour together heavily in addition to cranking out original productions and remixes.

Written by Eric Sharp

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