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Track of the Day – Kerb Staller – Tell Lies (Audion Remix)

Got a new one for you from a new duo to me Kerb Staller. While the duo is new to me its members are definitely no strangers to my ears. Comprised of musical maestros Matt Tolfrey and jozif along with the vocal talents of DNCN. DNCN is new to my eardrums but extrwmely well established in his own right. I really love what I have heard from him in this track and am eager to hear more. Spread across the globe these three have taken a new approach to producing together and the first product is one that has me very intrigued. While I really enjoyed the original of this track I have a particular fondness for Audion and his remix for this track which is our track of the day.

The focal point of both the original and the remix has to be vocal element provided by DNCN. It is a powerful element and really grounds the track in both versions. Audion the techno alias of Matthew Dear (Our 5 Year Anniversary Headliner for those not paying attention) has put his own spin on this taking it into the funky analog techno world he is so well known for. Starting off with a punchy groove, a continuously modulated arp synth and some oscillating vocal pads Audion wastes little time getting us acquainted with main vocals from DNCN. I really like the work Audion did with the vocal track to bring it out and make it more present in the mix in addition to how chopped it gets at certain points. The part of the song that really gets me going begins right before the 3 minute mark when Audion introduces a growling bass line along with all the chopped vocals. Cant wait to hear that on a proper sound system. I have a feeling the bass on this track is powerful enough to rattle the fillings out of peoples teeth. Keep an eye out for Kerb Staller. There will be more music coming from them soon and I imagine some tour dates to follow. Enjoy and make sure to check the original below as well.

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