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Track of The Day: Jupiter Grayscale (Sebastian Carter Remix) by Gallant


Jupiter Grayscale (Sebastian Carter Remix) – Gallant

Sebastian Carter creates a soothing uptempo rework of Gallant’s ‘Jupiter Grayscale’ with a smooth driving 4/4 beat and clean percussion stabs accompanied by carefully selected vocal loops and a dash of reverb. The original is chalked full of chilled out acoustic riffs, dreamy piano chords and powerful vocals that would be a any producers dream to work with. Sebastian Carter does well to choose his samples from this incredible array of sounds and the overall composition of the track is layered but has a simplicity that lets listener drift off to some faraway utopia.

The 20 year old producer/musician originally hails from Switzerland but now spends his time living in Brighton. The seaside community has been an exciting breeding ground for a wide range of producers from the likes of Fat Boy Slim to young rising talent L-Vis 1990. His productions have a classic deep element to them with introductions of tropical grooves and long ambient breakdowns ringing through various productions. He’s been extremely busy and as you can see below has a healthy catalogue of remixes and a few originals:

We highly recommend you check out the original. Gallant’s vocals are guaranteed to sooth the soul:

Stay tuned tomorrow for Death House of Love’s Guest Mix!


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