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Track of the Day: Jono Ma & Dreems – Can’t Stop My Dreaming (Of You)

Not sure how many of you have noticed already but we gave our website a facelift over the weekend. I am obviously a little biased but I am digging the new layout. For our track of the day today we get a sneak peak at a new EP from the new pairing of Australian masterminds Jono Ma of Jaguar Ma and Angus Gruzman of Dreems. It is from a new album expected out on January 19th on Kompakt Records. I just saw they put this edit up a few days ago and have been loving it s much I had to share it with you all today. Not sure where to begin with this track, there is so much about it that strikes a chord with me. I feel as if I have gone on a short journey. It definitely sets you on a ride in terms of the groove and arrangement. The thing that is the most striking is all of the sound design. I am really drawn into the song by all of the interesting sounds and percussive elements. It feels as if the drums were recorded in a New York City alley with buckets and trash cans. Obviously there was a bit more care put into their drums but just that vibe they created is incredible. I especially enjoy the claps as well as the little bit of vinyl noise that modulates in and out of the mix. Rich layered sawtooth synth lines fill the mid and low end giving the track a very full and (if I may be cheesy for just a moment) dreamy vibe. Looking forward to this full release but for now just sit back and enjoy this wonderful little edit.

‘The Dreemas’ EP is out January 19, 2018 – Preorder here:

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