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Track of the Day: Jengi – Rollerskates

For today’s Track of the Day feature we have a brand new track from an up-and-coming Dutch producer by the name of Jengi. If you’ve paid attention to our feed, there’s a good chance you’ve heard Jengi’s name before. Earlier this year we featured his stellar remix of Bazzi’s hit single “Mine,” and we also covered his collaborative, Japanese-inspired track “Broken Japan”. Today Jengi delivers the first single for his brand new EP, “Rare.” The track is called “Rollerskates” and is a fun and futuristic take on funk-infused dance music.

On “Rollerskates,” Jengi employs his unique sense of syncopation and forward-thinking sound design to create a vibrant and carefree track that shimmers and bounces with an infectious level of energy. Jengi’s talents as a multi-instrumentalist and strong sense of musicianship are on full display throughout the track and set him apart from many of his contemporaries. Sonically the track sounds crisp and futuristic. Unlike many funk-oriented dance tracks that rely heavily on the samples or structure of classic disco records, “Rollerskates” instead chooses to own its contemporary nature and delivers an inspiring example of what funk can be in 2018. For more from Jengi follow him on Spotify, and grab your copy of “Rollerskates” here. Jengi’s new EP “Rare” will be available everywhere November 23rd.

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