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Track of the Day: On The Inside by Cristoph


On The Inside – Cristoph

Cristoph delivers a dark bass thumping sound for those late night deep sessions with “On The Inside”. This track really embodies the heavier elements of the tech house spectrum that we’re currently seeing a lot of from Northern UK artists. Solidified with awesome kicks and a hypnotic bass line groove, the track’s minimal approach makes it’s 7+ minutes a journey of tech house bliss.

This Newcastle producer is certainly set to make his mark, and has already done some damage releasing with heavy hitters Defected, Noir, Kitball and Suara. His style is in tune with the trending underground bass heavy tech sounds coming out the UK and the quality of his production demonstrates his excellent attention to detail. From the first kick to the smallest synth stab his works entrance the listener and guide them through his carefully crafted musical journeys.

“A track I always include when I’m playing in a club. Seems to mix in so nice with any track.” – Atlas Boda

Also be sure to check out Cristoph’s latest EP “Rimshot”


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