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Track of the Day: G-Prod – D-Light

R & S Records is a label that I have been following for quite some time. The label art grabs your attention with the Ferrari Stallion and holds on to it with the quality of music that is has become known for. Since its inception back in 1984 it has seen productions from the likes of Aphex Twin, Derrik May, and CJ Bolland to get started. The label took some time off in the early 2000’s but came back on strong in 2008 with productions from Audion, Tom Middleton and Boyz Noise along with many others obviously. After 30+ years they continue to put forth some of the most innovative and thought provoking techno that is available. For our track of the day we have one of their newest releases “D-Light” coming from French producers G-Prod.

When I was going through this latest Sampler from R & S, I was captivated by “D-Light” from G-Prod. Two brothers David and Nicholas from France is about all I can find outside of a nice catalog on Soundcloud and Discogs. The duo have been at it for a few years and have a style that I would classify as techno but a little on the deeper techier side. “D-Light” is less techno and more deep house characterized by long phrases that move seamlessly into each other never really building but having more and ebb and flow to the track as all of the sounds blend in and find their place within the arrangement. Days like today, finding new and amazing artists are the reason I started writing this blog 5 years ago. G-Prod will for sure be on my radar from today forward. Looking forward to discovering more from G-Prod and you can check out more as well down below. Enjoy.

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