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Track of the Day: Flytrap – Satellite Jungle

Track of the Day: Flytrap – Satellite Jungle

Great Stuff Recordings, a label that I have had a love affair with for quite some time. Going all the way back to the days when I would be digging through crates of vinyl. One of the things that always stood out for me beyond the music was their album artwork. They used to have a sort of technicolor medieval theme (unicorns in this case) and one of my favorite artists that has been releasing on the label regularly since its beginnings is Lutzenkirchen. I was and still am a huge fan of his “Music For The Girls” album.

I do my best to keep up with the crazy amount of releases the label puts out and this latest one “Satellite Jungle” is a smashing tech house tune from “The mysterious” user-602183734 on SoundCloud aka Flytrap. I was immediately captured by the pulsating bass line that felt like it was reverberating throughout my whole body. Some rasta man vocals along with a plethora of fx and fill out the groove nicely on this booming tune. Following up a previous release on Great Stuff “Narcosis” we will have to be left in curiosity as there is very little to go on other than the fantastic music Flytrap has put forward for their label the last few months. Check out the other releases from Flytrap below and hopefully we get to learn more about this new artist soon.

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