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Track of the Day: Floorplan – Tell You No Lie


Track of the Day: Floorplan – Tell You No Lie

This week we welcomed another couple of producers who are closely aligned with last weeks guest Kevin McKay and Glasgow Underground. In addition to all the work they have been putting out on that label they have been putting tunes out on Toolroom with more on the horizon. MR PUZL put together another incredible interview with them you can check out here. Their mix along with their productions live very much in the realm of House, Funk and Disco and you can tell they have a very deep knowledge and passion for the genre.

They mentioned it in their interview, the reason for the addition of Floorplan’s (aka Robert Hood) “Tell You No Lie” in their mix was basically because it was the song of the summer for them. Floorplan which is the legendary techno producer’s outlet for all things Disco, Gospel, House & Funk which now includes his daughter Lyric as a co-producer. Taking a vocal sample from Brainstorms 1977 hit “Lovin’ Is Really My Game” the two bring forth a disco heater that has been burning up dance floors across the globe. Jumping right into it with an incredibly vibrant groove, stabbing disco strings quickly develop making the song take flight. A solid kick and some thumping sub bass give the low end a real nice boost giving the track a more modern feel. There isn’t any mention of it in the credits for the track but I am going to assume that is his daughter Lyric putting forth a wonderful vocal reprise of the original. If I didn’t know any better you could tell me this song was made in 1977 and I would totally believe you, but I wouldn’t tell you know lie, haha. This is one of two tracks on the EP which ws released on M-Plant one of Hood’s imprints. I posted the other below as it is also one hell of a track and if your are into disco it should be added to your collection.

If you missed it yesterday you can check out today’s Track of the Day and many others in this weeks LAMP guest mix from illyus & Barrientos below.

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